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About ADM Interiors

ADM Interiors is a residential decorating service, grounded in passion, connection and relatability.  I help clients create timeless spaces that are a reflection of who they are so that they can feel good in their interiors and be happy coming home to a place they love.


ADM Interior’s Mission

Our goal at ADM Interiors is to build relationships that establish strong connections to enable clients to trust in my expertise and processes that deliver on their needs, wants, timeline and budget.  My processes are grounded in open communication which allows for a well informed and seamless experience that is comfortable, honest and fun.



About Annabelle D. Mastalic


Born and raised in Calgary, I spent time working at a design firm alongside some very talented designers.  Those experiences allowed me to explore the world of design and refine my skills.  I’m grateful to have had a mentor, who always encouraged me to become more, to be my best self, to think outside the box …….and go above and beyond expectations.   And to this day, I continue to carry that same mantra through all my creations, pouring my heart and soul in what I love to do.

When I’m not swooning over furnishings and creatively putting spaces together, you can usually find me with my other halves. A supportive husband that puts up with me constantly changing our living spaces, and 2 wonderful children that always inspire me to see things with a different eye.  I stay grounded with sports and love to road cycle, run and kick box.  The mountains are my oasis, and often a place where I find inspiration and freedom to let my creative self-go.


“Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that I see spaces through the eyes of my clients - ALWAYS - to a tee. When I set my eyes on a goal, I stick with it until it’s achieved 100% - NO EXCEPTIONS. I get my hands in the thick of it all!  I breathe, speak, and live for design and décor! It’s my PASSION, my reason for leaving a fulfilling 15 year career in health care to becoming a Certified Interior Decorator. My happy place.  My element.   And here it is … ADM Interiors was born.”


3 Core Values

1 - Passion

110%.  ALL. THE.  TIME. ‘Love what you do and the results will follow’.  It’s the why, and mantra of ADM Interiors. ‘Spaces Above and Beyond’ ……. That is what I strive for! ALL. THE. TIME.

2 - Strong Connections

Your space is a reflection of who you are, and I’ll work hard to build a relationship where I can understand YOU.  Once we get comfortable with each other, then the magic begins!  Connecting allows me to really HEAR what you want for your space.  I dig deep to find out what style truly speaks to you, and together, we bring your vision to life. The time put in up-front to really get into your head, speaks volumes in the success of your project.

3 - Personable

If we aren’t jiving, I’m not producing results.  And if you can’t be you around me, I can’t deliver. My aim is to have a working relationship that allows us to be REAL.  If something doesn’t work, I’ll tell you, and if you aren’t a fan of a sofa I found, no problem.  It should be that easy…. that honest.  You can expect a seamless experience that is comfortable, relaxed, easy and fun!

Taking on a small number of projects a month, allows me to devote my full attention to my projects.  I’ll take care of every little detail and communicate openly with you throughout the whole process.  Being available for all installations ensures that everything is executed as planned.