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E-Design FAQ

1. How do you make suggestions on the room décor without physically being in the space?

The detailed questionnaire, photos, sketches and measurements gives me all the information I need to pull your space together.  The more information you provide me with, the better!  The preliminary design call also gives us a chance to further discuss the details of your project so that I can get to know you and your style preferences.

2. Can I purchase all of my items on the shopping list on-line?

Yes!  I make the ordering process easy for you with direct links to all suppliers for each product listed on your shopping list.

3. What if I want to see the item before purchasing?

I make every effort to ensure the products specified on your shopping list are available through retail stores in your area.  However, I cannot guarantee that the product will be available in the store when you are ready to purchase.  I recommend contacting the store prior to your planned visit to confirm availability of the product in the show room.

4. Can I contact you if I have additional questions once I receive my E-Design Package?

Your room package will include a Styling Guide with instructions on how to implement your room design.  In addition, a 15 minute post-delivery phone call is included to follow-up with any final questions about implementing your design.

5. What if an item on my shopping list is no longer available?

It’s a good idea to implement your design once you have received your package to ensure you will get the products recommended. However, product stocks are constantly changing and there is no guarantee an item will be available months from when you received your E-Design package.  With colour and size specifications provided to you in your shopping list, you will have the information you need to shop for a similar item recommended in your package.

6. Should I hire an E-Designer or a Local Designer for my project?

Your budget will play a big role in whether you decide to go with an E-Designer or a Local Designer. 

Consider these points to help you make your decision:

An E-Designer may be a good fit if you :

  • Are able to measure and photograph your space

  • Can articulate through inspiration images and product links exactly what you like and what your vision is for your space

  • Desire to have a design plan narrowed down within a few weeks

  • Are able to order products on your own and handle any returns/exchanges

  • Can hire your own tradesmen (painter, installer, etc)

A Local Designer may be a good fit if you:

  • Want in-home consultations

  • Want detailed room measurements and photos done for you

  • Want multiple fabric/wallpaper books and tile/flooring/countertop samples brought to your home

  • Need construction documents or custom cabinetry designed

  • Want furniture purchasing handled

  • Want all of your new furniture delivered and installed at the same time (ie, the designer stores the furniture until install)